WiFi USB Adapter 500mW High Power 1T1R 150Mbps VWH153U

WiFi USB Adapter 500mW High Power 1T1R 150Mbps VWH153U WiFi USB Adapter 500mW High Power 1T1R 150Mbps VWH153U

Visonicom VWH153U is a 150Mbps 500mW high power USB WiFi adapter 1T1R with high gain 5dBi detachable external antenna for longer range and higher sensitivity for stable wireless network..

VWH153U 500mW long range USB wireless dongle transmission distances is up to 1500 meters. It is an IEEE802.11b/g/n compliant high-power wireless USB LAN adapter. This high power WiFi 11n USB dongle provides superior performance and interoperability within a mixed mode network (802.11b, 802.11g and 802.11n). This high power 11n WiFi USB adapter is backwards compliant with all 802.11b/g wireless equipment.

Main Features:
EIRP power up to 500mW, provide 1.5Km WiFi signal coverage. High power and high sensitivity
Provides 5-stage software setting windows to easily adjust transmitting power.
Hot-Plugging USB 2.0 supported,2-in-1 USB cable supports highest power operation.
Foldable antenna, compact, solid and light weight design, best for travelling.
802.11n:(20MHz) MCS0-7,Support up to 72Mbps
802.11n: (40MHz)MCS0-7,support up to 150Mbps
OFDM, Peak rate 150Mbps,Peak throughput 90Mbps.
Power Management
64/128/256-bit WEP data encryption and also supports WPA.
Wi-Fi Certification:802.11a/b/g,802.11n,WPA,WPA2,WMM-PS WHQL, Cisco CCX


Chipset Ralink RT3070
Host interface mini USB, 1.2m Type A extended cable
LEDS Link/Activity
RF Spec
Antenna Foldable External 5dBi antenna
Frequency 2412~2472MHz, ISM band.
Transmission Rate 802.11b(11Mbps,9Mbps, 6Mbps, 5, 5Mbps, 2Mbps, 1Mbps)
801.11g(54Mbps, 48Mbps, 36Mbps, 24Mbps, 18Mbps, 12Mbps, 11Mbps, 9Mbps, 6Mbps)
Modulation 11b: Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum(DSSS)
11g: Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM)
Transmit Power(With antenna) 802.11b:28+/-1.5dBm(640mW);
Receive Sensitivity (With antenna) 802.11b:-93dBm@11Mbps;
Operation System Windows CE/2000/XP/Vista; Linux 2.6.X;Mac OS X
Security WEP 64/128bit,WPA,WPA2,802.1X ,and802.11i
Operation Conditions
Voltage Range DC 5.0V±5%,<330mA
Operating Temperature 0-40
Storage Temperature -20-70
Operating Humidity RH 95%(Non-Condensing)
Storage Humidity RH 95%(Non-Condensing)

Key Parameters:

  • Interface: USB2.0
  • WiFi Frequency: 2.4GHz 11n/g/b
  • WiFi Data Rate: 150Mbps
  • Transmission Power: High Power 500mW
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