3.5G WiFi Modem EVDO Rev A 800MHz - VGM03E19

3.5G WiFi Modem EVDO Rev A 800MHz VGM03E19 3.5G WiFi Modem EVDO Rev A 800MHz VGM03E19

Visonicom VGM03E19 is a USB 3.5G wireless modem EVDO 800MHz CDMA data card running over CDMA EVDO-Rev. A at 800MHz frequency bands with downlink up to 3.1Mbps and uplink 1.8Mbps based on Qualcomm MSM7500. The 3G CDMA USB modem is backward compatible with CDMA EVDO Rev.0 and CDMA 2000 1x 3G network.

The 3G broadband dongle EVDO 800MHz also supports up to 8GB Micro SD Card so that the 3g card can be used also as a USB flash drive. With built-in auto-run feature the driver can be installed automatically at the first time without driver CD at all.

Basic Features:
1. Smart power supply, high-speed data rate and never off-line.
2. Greater than 99% active 3G network connection.
3. Stable connection in less than 5 seconds.
4. Only 8.8mm in thickness


Product Type 3G Modem CDMA EV-DO Rev. A/ EV-DO/CDMA 2000 1x
Model VGM03E19
Frequency Band CDMA 800MHz
3G Data Rate Downlink 3.1Mbps/Uplink 1.8Mbps
OS Support Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7
Interface USB2.0
TF card Support Micro SD cards up to 8G
Driver and Utility Run automatically
Others Phone numbers book
Dimensions 83.3* 25* 9.5mm
Color White/Black

Additional Info

  • Mode & band: CDMA EVDO Rev A/Rev 0/CDMA 800MHz
  • Micro SD Card: 8G
  • OS Support: Microsoft Windows, MAC OS

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