Ceiling-mounted Access Point PoE 2T2R High Power

As the China ODM/OEM manufacturer of wireless ceiling-mounted AP, we supply WiFi ceiling access point 2T2R with high power and PoE support.

All wireless ceiling access point support the 802.11n wireless standard, which provides up to 300Mbps 2T2R wireless data reception and transmission rates with 29dBm(800mW) high power. All the ceiling APs support the 64/128-bit WEP security protocol, as well as the more advanced WPA and WPA2 protocols with AES and/or TKIP data encryption.

The Ceiling APs are now commonly used in hotels, campus, hospital, airport, stores, etc for public wireless internet access. All our Ceiling AP can by managed separately or by group with simple Windows-based management software (for bulk buyers/OEM customers/integrators only) or by AC.

VCP301M is a high power 300Mbps 2T2R wireless ceiling mount AP(Access Point) with PoE(Power over Ethernet) support, which offers users extended coverage, stronger penetration, more secure network management and simpler connection. VCP301M PoE high power ceiling AP provides extended coverage and at least 3 floors penetration in your environment. Standard…

Key Parameters:

  • Mount Type Celing
  • Chipset Ralink 3052
  • Operation Mode AP, Repeater
  • WiFi Frequency 2.4GHz
  • WiFi Data Rate 300Mbps
  • Power Level High Power 29dBm
  • Power Supply DC 12v, PoE 24v, PoE 48v
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